Can I Get A Medical Marijuana Card For Seizures North Carolina

April 15, 2023 admin

As per the house bill 766, yes, seizures are a main qualifying indication to see a medical marijuana doctor and get a medical marijuana card in North Carolina. However, the state only permits very limited medical cannabis usage. North Carolina legalized medical marijuana in 2015 through House Bill 766 (the North Carolina Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act). Per the provisions of this Act, medical marijuana patients diagnosed with intractable epilepsy can legally use marijuana products containing less than 0.9% of tetrahydrocannabinol (low-THC cannabis). The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) administers the state’s medical marijuana program.


The newest bill to hit the house is Senate Bill 3. This would allow for seizure patients to have access to CBD and THC products which have shown to be very successful for many patients across the United States now.



A number of medical researches have been conducted on whether Medical Cannabis is useful for seizures or not while, various physical applications on the animal models have found that right. Doubtlessly, for the last few years, its importance in the medicines has skyrocketed. Research has shown that most of the medicines for epilepsy have a minor fraction of cannabis products and derivatives, so, that these are very powerful. The question often hits the brain that what researchers have found effective in Cannabis that successfully enables it to replace a number of medicinal components for seizures for over a decade? If it’s really effective, then how long does it last for? And how much desired are outcomes? It is found powerful against sleeping disorders, neural degradation, and epilepsy. Seizures is a neurological disorder. Around the world, two-fifth of the people usually experience seizure attacks are the unaffected by anti-epileptic medicines hence the study has found the positive impacts of the new marijuana drugs. Prior to this, off-label cannabis plants were used by North Americans for treating a number of disorders.



The first most description of cannabis as the anti-seizure was published by W.B. O’ Shaughnessy in the year 1843. He reported the healthy benefits of the cannabis derivatives and products on rabbits, dogs, cows, sheep, goats, cats, and many other animals. He then applied the same medications on a little baby girl (age 40 days) and also found healthy brain development. Later on, applications were applied by a number of other physicians to make medicines. Today, the use of cannabis is decreased because it is now illegal to cultivate cannabis by the general public and to misuse it. Substances named “Cannabinoids” are present on the cannabinoids receptors found on the surface of the cell and generate a soothing effect. According to biological researches and various experimentations, two main components are found that making it effective against seizures are CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol! CBD isn’t Psychoactive but it plays an important role for betterment for some body parts while, CBD is highly responsible for bettering mental conditions, and it’s Psychoactive in nature.



With the advancement of medicinal science, researchers keep exploring more about cannabis, and for now, it is set at the top for treating seizure and has three profound benefits:

  • Seizures, most of the times, characterized by intense random and abnormal movement of neurons in the brain for short periods, in case, if the activity lasts for longer, brain cells may get damaged – Cannabis supports here, it has anticonvulsant properties and provides relief against seizures.
  • It keeps brain from further degradation of neural cells and also prevents cells mobility. Research has made it clear that it effectively keeps a charge to regulate epilepsy seizures.
  • Status Epilepsy – It is characterized by non-convulsive and convulsive seizures both. A seizure in this, lasts for 3-5 minutes, it’s very difficult for patient to regain the prior mental position and if the patient doesn’t get effective medication on-the-spot it may lead to complete loss of neural health and/or death. After many intense studies, it found CBD/THC product are very effective in treating seizures.


If you or someone you know is suffering from a condition causing seizures, there’s no need for them to be restricted to unnatural medications. Marijuana Card North Carolina can help you see a cannabis doctor to determine if you have qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in North Carolina. If the marijuana doctor deems you qualify, we will help you see the physician and get qualified for a medical marijuana card all in one quick appointment.

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