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What is it like to be the best and top medical marijuana doctor in Charlotte North Carolina?


North Carolina has gone through a massive push to get medical cannabis legalized and the on going battle is not even close to being over!


Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) have been offering marijuana doctor evaluations and medical marijuana card approvals since 2016. It has often been a confusing and frustrating task as the North Carolina department of health’s office has yet to give any guidance, rules or laws of course on what to expect for the upcoming medical marijuana program in North Carolina including Charlotte.


What are the most common age groups and medical conditions people in Charlotte NC are using to apply for a medical marijuana card?

The Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) treats patients of all ages. The most common age group for medical marijuana patients is 35-40 years of age yet we seem to be getting a run of younger patients coming in as of late. The most common medical conditions being treated with medical marijuana at the Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) marijuana doctors group is anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, cancer and much more.


How many people are getting medical marijuana cards in North Carolina a day right now?

As of March 2024, there are 0 patients with medical marijuana cards as the State of North Carolina has not approved medical marijuana program.


If you had to tell people one thing about choosing a medical marijuana doctor, what should they be on the lookout for?

When choosing a medical marijuana doctor in North Carolina or anywhere else, the first thing you’ll want to do is confirm how long they’ve been prescribing medical marijuana in North Carolina including Charlotte. Most marijuana doctors are new to the industry and once they figure out how painful the process is, they usually don’t last long. So it’s best to find a medical marijuana doctor in North Carolina such as Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) a medical marijuana doctor group who’s been in business since 2016 and has over 25,000 satisfied patients in Charlotte and surrounding areas of North Carolina and other states.


Fees and Costs Associated With Getting A Medical Marijuana Card In North Carolina?

The cost to get a medical marijuana card in Charlotte North Carolina including Charlotte is $75.00 paid directly to the North Carolina Department of health’s and human services office of medical marijuana use registry. This can only be done after you see a medical marijuana doctor, are approved and entered into the registry all by the physician. Once entered, you’ll be able to complete the proof of residence and payment information right online. If you’re a North Carolina resident with no suspensions on your license you can expect a same day approval. Seasonal and out of state residents with proof of residency in NC 7-10 business days. Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) medical marijuana cards can help you through the entire process.


Steps To Getting A Medical Marijuana Card In Charlotte North Carolina

The first step to securing your Charlotte NC medical marijuana card with Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) is to schedule an appointment. Scheduling your appointment is simple, you can call our office or request an appointment online. It works out well as we can determine your eligibility and finalize your appointment all in one quick phone call.

Next you’ll meet with a Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) medical marijuana doctor who will discuss your medical conditions and upon approval enter you into the medical marijuana registry as a new patient.

Once entered into the North Carolina medical marijuana use registry, you can again secure your medical card. Once you have your electronic card approval email, you can go to any licensed and approved medical marijuana dispensary in North Carolina.


How To Get In Touch With Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC)

The phone number for Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) Medical Marijuana Doctor in Charlotte is: (800) 250-6737.


The website (URL) for Marijuana Card North Carolina (MCNC) Medical Marijuana Doctor in Charlotte North Carolina is:


Marijuana Card North Carolina – Charlotte Medical Marijuana Doctor is open:

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Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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